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FDA Receives Treatment Guidance from Patient Advocates

Patient advocacy is a vital component in assuring that roadblocks to optimal treatment do not prevent cancer patients from obtaining the help they deserve.  Recently, a group from Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy presented the FDA [...]

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Writing to Fight GIST – The Pen Is a Mighty Weapon Against Stress

Living with GIST can be stressful. There are many coping mechanisms to deal with chronic disease, but one that you may not have used in the past is one that others coping with stress have found enormously helpful: writing.

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Living with ostomy: One LRG member’s story

Charlie Burke has developed a thick skin when it comes to cancer. After surviving bouts with colorectal, thyroid and skin cancers, he was well acquainted with the routine of doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, surgeries and regular treatment that accompany disease by the time a GIST tumor was discovered in his colon. However, as any of our members will tell you, GIST comes with its own unique lexicon to master and set of challenges to overcome.

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LRG Research Team members contribute to new research with dystrophin study

In a recently published article in Nature Genetics, several prominent cancer researchers and GIST experts, led by Dr. Dr. Yuexiang Wang and including Dr. Jonathan Fletcher of Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Dr. Matthew van de Rijn of Stanford University Center, who are both members of the LRG’s research team, discuss new research findings that may potentially help identify GIST patients with a future high risk for metastases.

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