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Gleevec – From Bench To Clinic

Nick Lydon, Ph.D. discovered and co-developed the leukemia drug Gleevec. In this discussion, which is part of the Frontiers In Cancer Research series of talks at UC Santa Barbara, Lydon talks about the scientific process of discovering this drug and how it was tested to determine its effectiveness in battling leukemia.

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Member Story – Chandell Fuqua

Fuqua doesn’t talk about it often. He doesn’t bring it up unless asked, and even then he offers only a brief explanation. He fears he’ll be known more for his illness than his accomplishments, even when his achievements place him among the top track athletes in the state and in the Lawrence High record book.

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Call dissects 2007 LRG study

In last month’s newsletter, the Life Raft Group published its study on the effects of imatinib dose upon the survival of metastatic GIST patients. On February 4, we also held a webcast, “The Link Between [...]

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