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Questions to Consider for Adjuvant Treatment

GIST patients face many decisions about their treatment. Many GIST patients have surgery to remove a primary tumor and do not have detectable metastases at the time of surgery. This large group of patients faces the decision of whether or not to take Gleevec to try to prevent or delay a recurrence. Adjuvant therapy refers to additional treatment given after a main mode of therapy (the main treatment is usually surgery). For example, Gleevec given after surgery in hopes of preventing or delaying a recurrence is called adjuvant therapy.

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Member Story – Rick Sorg

The first one was the day after my annual physical. I wrapped myself in an electric blanket for forty minutes to get warm and called my Blue Cross doctor, who the day before had declared me very fit. A new blood test and exam showed nothing of interest. Two days after the third episode I was at the VA clinic to renew my Lipitor prescription and shared with him what had been happening. After an exam and x-ray, a mass was found on my liver. The next day I had a CT scan and two days later the doctor called me to come in. Ninety percent of my liver was filled with three major tumors and what they called “satellite” tumors.

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Donnie Ray Chadrick – In Memoriam

Very shortly after receiving news of the passing of LRG member, GIST patient and wonderful friend, Donnie Ray Chadrick on December 5, 2008, the LRG received a letter from his ex-wife and dear friend, Janel Graham. We feel it would be a great disservice to all of Donnie’s friends in the GIST community not to share Janel’s message.

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Thomas Gjertson – In Memoriam

Thomas O. Gjertson, 60, of Fort Atkinson, WI passed away Thursday, Dec. 4, 2008, at his home. Tom was born on Jan. 10, 1948, in Stoughton, WI. He had been employed at Jones Dairy farm for many years. Tom enjoyed watching NASCAR and working on his cars.

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On the road with the LRG

In the span of a few weeks, representatives from the LRG traveled all over the country to attend events and gatherings relevant to the GIST community.

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The challenge of imatinib resistance in GIST

By Jonathan Fletcher, M.D. & Sebastian Buaer, M.D. Within the past decade, GISTs have emerged from being poorly defined, treatment-resistant tumors to a well recognized, well understood, and treatable tumor entity. Rapid advances in the understanding [...]

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