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Member Story – Estelle Lecointe

Life Rafter and president of Association Française des Patients du GIST: Ensemble contre le GIST, Estelle Lecointe attended Président Jacques Chirac’s speech on cancer at the French Presidential Palace “l’Elysée” on March 27. “There were a lot of journalists there. Some of them knew me as they had already seen the billboards with my picture, or previously interviewed me for magazines or radio, some of them had seen me on TV and just wanted to meet me. The fact that they remembered my face makes me think they now know my story and will then remember GIST too,” says Lecointe.

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GIST Research – Correlation of Target Kinase Genotype with Clinical Activity of Imatnib Mesylate in KIT Patients

GIST patients with a particular genetic mutation are more likely to respond to Gleevec than those without the mutation, reported Dr. Michael C. Heinrich at one of the plenary sessions of the annual conference of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, held May 14-17 in Orlando, Florida.

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Looking for Kinase Mutations in GISTs

This is the second of a two-part series on KIT and PDGFRA mutations in GISTs, written collaboratively by Drs. Michael Heinrich and Christopher Corless, LRG research team members. Please refer to the May issue of our newsletter for the first part titled, “KIT & PDGFRA mutations in GIST: A to Z” by Dr. Heinrich.

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Immunotherapy Trial Strives to Improve Gleevec Response

2011 Update - Clinical trial results published open access in Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy. ". . . Interim analysis of eight patients demonstrated significant induction of IFN-γ-producing-CD8+, -CD4+, -NK cell, and IFN-γ-producing-tumor-infiltrating-lymphocytes, signifying significant Th1 response [...]

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