Maher Samet - In Memoriam

Maher Samet – In Memoriam

Maher Samet, Life Raft Group member in Tunisia, died Feb. 24, 2005. Fellow Life Rafter Bertrand de la Comble of France sent this message from his wife, Leila. Some of the words have been changed to smooth the translation from French. If only there was some way to change the pain that his wife and children are feeling. “Dear friends, “I am really sad to announce the passing of my husband, Maher. He left with plenty of good memories in our minds and in our hearts. “Maher was born on the 22nd of August 1961 in Tunisia. He was the oldest son of the Samet family. His parents were very proud of him, because he was a brilliant pupil. He had the opportunity to succeed with excellent scores in high school. “In 1979, the government sent him to France where he obtained a degree in engineering from Ecole Centrale de Paris. His dream was computing science. He was crazy about computers – it was his passion till the last days of his life. “We met in the summer of 1991and we married in February 1992 when we moved to France where our two children were born, Sana in 1994 and Malek in 1997. Then we came back to Tunisia. We chose to live in Sousse, one on the best tourist places in Tunisia. He joined Meublatex Holding as IT manager and he was very happy at his job. In 2001, our third baby was born. “We were a happy family; he loved his kids, and he was careful to ensure their education, until the 25th of December, 2001, when he discovered that he had a tumour. “At this time, everything has changed. During these last three years, he used to believe in recovery; he was fighting in all the way, for himself and mainly for us, I never left him and I do not regret it. For the last two months, his situation became worse, and quickly, he felt that GIST was going to win; he never showed that he was waiting for a miracle; that never happened, or at least in time. “Now that he’s gone too early, at 43 years old, I really suffer; kids too. Maybe God preferred to save him from pain; today I am sure he does not suffer anymore from GIST. He must be in a better place. GIST prevented him from eating, sleeping, working and then living, even with Gleevec in France, then Sugen in Switzerland. “He was a good friend, everybody loved him, he was a nice guy — that’s what people tell me. He was a fighter, he never gave up, he was an excellent husband and a perfect father. “I hope that research will find the right solution to GIST “I’d like to let you know what Professor Levraz wrote when he heard about Maher’s passing:” “Dear Mrs. Samet, Dear Samet Family, “I am very sad of hearing the bad news you sent, your husband was fighting as a lion, and we all admire his courage and his determination. He did, you did, more than expected. I was very happy to meet such a brilliant person, and to be close to him for the last months. I am really sad, and I am disappointed because we could not do better. Our hearts are you and with your family.”

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