Donald Morenstein was a devoted son, wonderful brother, a protective and adoring uncle; a generous friend and a superb lawyer. He was smart and endlessly curious, a voracious reader, informed to the nth degree. Donald was passionate about his politics and unafraid to make his voice heard. His dry and self-depreciating wit could not conceal the kind compassionate and decent human being he was.

Donald bravely fought his cancer for 4 and ½ years. He was determined to live his life without fanfare, with an emphasis on normalcy despite what he endured. He died on Feb 24, 2004, his 54th birthday, and is deeply missed by his family and friends, who’s lives he immeasurably enriched with his remarkable presence.

The photos I have enclosed show Donald and his first battle of Gleevec. We were very happy that day. Thanks for everything. – Maxine Litvinoff


LRG Team
Author: LRG Team