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Dean Gordanier – In Memoriam

As a partner in Testa, Gordanier did innovative work on tax legislation, particularly as it pertained to private equity and venture capital. He was the author of “Structuring Securities Partnerships for Foreign and Tax-Exempt Partners” published in the Journal of Partnership Taxation in 1990, and an article on the adequate protection of secured creditors under the bankruptcy code published by the American Bankruptcy Law Journal in 1980.

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Donald Morenstein – In Memoriam

Donald Morenstein was a devoted son, wonderful brother, a protective and adoring uncle; a generous friend and a superb lawyer. He was smart and endlessly curious, a voracious reader, informed to the nth degree. Donald was passionate about his politics and unafraid to make his voice heard. His dry and self-depreciating wit could not conceal the kind compassionate and decent human being he was.

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Gust Vasiliades – In Memoriam

Art educator, music lover, good neighbor and life adventurer Gust Vasiliades died Feb. 21, 2004, in his beloved Manhattan. Gust was born April 10, 1965 in Canton, Ohio. After he graduated from high school, he bought his older brother, John, out of the motorcycle they shared, drove to New York City and never looked back.

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